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-- Each week (or so), new and different poll topics will be posted. The people watching the community can comment nominating up to 6 things (if the topic is "best movie ever," you will comment with up to 6 movies you feel are the "best movies ever."). This may change for a certain topic, so try and pay attention to the nomination post.
-- A few days later, I will tally the nominations and post the top 10-30 (it depends on the amount of nominations). Everyone will then be able to vote on these top 10-30 to determine the "best _____ ever!"
-- Sometimes, I will include extra mini-polls (which are totally optional), and...that's just for fun.
-- More information will be posted with each poll and nomination post.

Other Stuff
-- No, you can not join the community (there's no need to). All you need to do is add/friend the community, and you're all set.
-- NO FLAMING: don't be rude to people if you disagree with them. Simple say "I don't agree with you," or, if you want to be awesome, just don't say anything at all. You won't agree with the results 100% of the time.
-- If you have any suggestions for a topic or any questions, comment to this post.

-- the layout is copied from minty_peach. thanks.